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Katteb is a content generation platform that uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to generate content from just a headline

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Blog OutlinePlan and structure content for articles

Use Katteb AI to plan and structure high-quality articles in a heartbeat. If you want to enrich your content, and make it punchy, just by giving a few keywords, you will get the headlines, ideas, or a whole piece at no time!

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ParaphrasingDifferent Context, Same Meaning.

It's not simply replacing words with synonyms, but it’s about substantial rephrasing while retaining the same meaning, finding the perfect language, style, and tone.

  • Context Adjustment

    Cutting-edge Katteb AI technology irons out all of the bumps in your content and can adjust your content according to your preferences.

  • Text Enrichment

    Katteb AI tags all relevant concepts within content, reword them and enrich them to get the real text essence.

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Write about your products and services

  • Products Description

    Create compelling product descriptions completely automatic.

  • Problem, Agitate, Solution

    Explain how your product or service will impact your potential customers’ lives.

  • Facebook ads

    Generate dozens of variations for your Facebook Ads instantly.


Products DescriptionsAutomate your store's content

Create unique and enticing product descriptions for your online store with an advanced Katteb AI language model.

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  • ProblemWe capture your audience’s attention with a clever hook and explain the prospects of their problem.

  • AgitateIn this stage, we turn up the heat and share what your audience will experience if they don’t solve the problem. This creates your target market sense of urgency and gets them to purchase your product or service.

  • SolutionYour audience felt the urgency in resolving their problem, and now it is the perfect moment to provide them relief with your product and service and talk about benefits.

Problem, Agitate, SolutionMultiply your sales with this proven formula

Our persuasive copy will convince your target audience of the importance of your product or service, which helps you to easily multiply your profits.

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Facebook ads

Get creative and powerful Facebook ads texts.

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Customers reviews

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I love this app. I'm a pretty good copywriter, but this is gold! It will save me a lot of time creating new content. I give you some basic ideas and spit straight out

Andrew Ris

This AI is unbelievably awesome. Writing content for my company used to take hours and my brain was a mess at the end of each day. Thank you for developing a life and time saving tool that takes the stress out of content creation.

Cierra Lueck

Katteb is a simply awesome app when it comes to quick snappy copy writing - Its ability to find and distil contact is bordering on the uncanny. Simply awesome

Simon Childs

I have been trialling many AI copywriting apps this year and this is one of the best. AI copywriters are predictive and miss a lot of nuances in information but for small businesses looking to build their bank of customer-focused content, tools like this could be a game-changer. This won't help much with quality thought leadership content but for business and sales content it would be an awesome tool for the non-writers out there.

Caroline Szellemes