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Rated 4.9 / 5

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Write Fearlessly

Katteb Write is the ultimate AI tool for creating more than 30 types of content in over 110 languages, while ensuring factual accuracy with in text citations from trusted and credible sources.

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Chat Confidently

Engage in Multilingual Conversations, Access Fact-Checked Answers From Various Data Sources and Enjoy Personalized Localization Based on Your Geographic Location.

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Design Effortlessly

Instantly convert text into captivating images with a single click using Katteb Design, the AI-powered tool that unleashes your creativity and simplifies the process of creating stunning visuals.

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Building Trust, Word by Word, with Intext Citations.

Credible Writing

Boost the credibility of your writing by seamlessly embedding trustworthy sources with our Intext Citations feature. Showcase your commitment to accuracy, giving readers the confidence of well-researched and supported information.


Trustworthy Sources, Powerful Content.


Geo-Driven Content for Your Audience.


Real-Time Data, Dynamic Content.

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Polish Your Words, Perfect Your Message.

Error-Free Writing

Take your writing to the next level with our advanced proofreading feature. Supporting over 25 languages, it provides a built-in dictionary to effortlessly save and reference words, ensuring your content is error-free and your message resonates with precision.


550+ Linguistic Error Detection


Add Style to Your Content.


A Dictionary for Your Specialized Terms.

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Original Ideas Prevail: Detect, Cite, Rewrite.

Plagiarism Free

Supercharge your writing with our awesome built-in plagiarism detection feature. Uncover and address any sneaky instances of plagiarism in your text, all while effortlessly giving credit to the original sources with proper citations.


Uncover Plagiarism, Your Writing Guardian.


Plagiarism Transparency, Linking to Originality.


Rewrite Instantly, Say Goodbye to Plagiarism.

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“Katteb is a simply awesome app when it comes to quick snappy copy writing - Its ability to find and distil contact is bordering on the uncanny. Simply awesome”

Simon Childs

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