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Meet Katteb the game-changer AI writing software, With top notch AI technology at your fingertips, Katteb takes content generation to a whole new level to be faster, smarter, and easier than ever before!

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Araby AI


Araby AI

Fact-Checked AI Writer

Katteb's fact-checked AI Writer ensures credibility by drawing content and facts from reliable sources and providing in-text citations.

Long Form Article Generator

Katteb's long-form fact-checked article generator crafts comprehensive and credible content, offering a reliable source of in-depth information for any topic.

Smart Article Rewriter

Katteb's Article Rewriter effortlessly rewrites entire articles and news with a single click while preserving the original formatting intact.

Plagiarism Checker

Katteb's plagiarism checker ensures originality and integrity of content by detecting and flagging any potential instances of duplicate or copied material.

In-Text Citations

Katteb's In-Text Citations provide proper references within the content, bolstering credibility and authenticity.

Auto Images Suggestions

Katteb's Auto Images Suggestions provide relevant visual elements, enhancing AI-generated content with captivating and contextually fitting images.

Proofreading Engine

Katteb's proofreading engine meticulously checks grammar and spelling, ensuring flawlessly polished and error-free content.

Export To WordPress

With Katteb's one-click content export to WordPress, effortlessly manage post status as published, draft, or pending, streamlining your content publishing process.

Export To Blogger

Katteb's export to Blogger feature enables seamless content transfer, simplifying the process of sharing your AI-generated articles on your Blogger account.

Amazon Writer

Amazon Writer ingeniously converts Amazon product URLs into content, allowing you to effortlessly write reviews for affiliate marketing or engaging social media posts,

YouTube Writer

Katteb's YouTube Writer brilliantly transforms videos into captivating written content, opening up new possibilities for content creation and distribution.

URL Writer

Katteb's URL Writer skillfully reads any webpage and generates content based on the information, making content creation a breeze.

Auto Internal Linking

Katteb's InLinks feature provides effortless auto internal linking for your website, all within the convenience of the platform, streamlining your content organization.

AI Chat

Katteb Chat: Engage in lively conversations with our AI, drawing information from diverse sources like the internet, YouTube videos, external URLs, Amazon URLs, or chat directly in default mode!

AI Image Generator

Katteb's AI Image Generator: Unleash creativity with AI-powered image creation, adding stunning visuals to your content effortlessly.

GPT-4 Model

Experience the brilliance of GPT-4 model in Katteb, smarter and capable of tackling even the most intricate scenarios with ease.

Proprietary Filters

Unlock impeccable content quality and readability with Katteb's AI Proprietary Filters, your secret to exceptional writing.

Text Editor

Empower your writing with Katteb's Text Editor, equipped with robust tools to create content like a pro.

Zapier Integration

Instantly integrate Katteb with over 5000 diverse applications using Zapier, enhancing your productivity like never before.

Starting Price

Unbeatable prices and incredible features with Katteb's budget-friendly plans.



Word Count

Katteb sets the bar high with a generous starting word count of 15,000 words, dwarfing competitors' meager 6,000 words offering.



Chat Support

Enjoy round-the-clock assistance with Katteb's 24/7 email and chat support, ensuring you're never alone in your writing journey.

Unlimited Plan

Unleash your creativity limitlessly with Katteb's Unlimited Word Plan, where words are no longer a concern.

Katteb vs Araby AI

Where does Katteb stand out From Araby AI?

Katteb stands out from Araby AI through its comprehensive set of features, including Fact-Checked Writing, Long Form Article Generator, Article Rewriter, Plagiarism Checker, and In-Text Citations, providing users with credible and well-researched content. Additionally, Katteb offers Auto Images Suggestions, AI Image Generator, and YouTube Writer, expanding its capabilities beyond text-based content, and further excels with the support of 110+ languages, making it a versatile and powerful AI writing platform.

Fact Checked Writing

Fact Checked Writing by Katteb ensures credibility and reliability as it sources content from trustworthy references, accompanied by in-text citations, providing users with well-researched and accurate information for their content needs.

Multiple Data Sources

Katteb's Multiple Data Sources feature seamlessly incorporates content from YouTube, Amazon, and external URLs, harnessing the power of AI to generate diverse and enriched written content from these varied sources. Elevate your writing with a wealth of information at your fingertips!

1 Click Export

With a single click, Katteb streamlines content sharing by offering effortless export to WordPress, Blogger, and Shopify platforms, saving you time and simplifying your content distribution process like never before. Seamlessly publish and reach your audience with ease!

Supports 110+ Languages

Break language barriers with ease as Katteb supports over 110 languages, empowering users to create AI-generated content in a diverse range of languages, catering to a global audience. Embrace linguistic diversity and expand your reach!

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What People Says About Katteb


Average customer ratings (128 votes)

Easy to understand - Affordable

Easy to understand interface. And provides accurate results. It's also one of the most affordable tools out there.

Gordon Tafara

Gordon Tafara

Quality - Customer Focused - game-changer

I have been trialling many AI copywriting apps this year and this is one of the best. AI copywriters are predictive and miss a lot of nuances in information but for small businesses looking to build their bank of customer-focused content, tools like this could be a game-changer. This won't help much with quality thought leadership content but for business and sales content it would be an awesome tool for the non-writers out there.

Caroline Szellemes

Awesome App

Katteb is a simply awesome app when it comes to quick snappy copy writing - Its ability to find and distil contact is bordering on the uncanny. Simply awesome

Simon Childs

Unbelievably Awesome - Time Saver

This AI is unbelievably awesome. Writing content for my company used to take hours and my brain was a mess at the end of each day. Thank you for developing a life and time saving tool that takes the stress out of content creation.

Cierra Lueck

Cierra Lueck

Time Saver

I love this app. I'm a pretty good copywriter, but this is gold! It will save me a lot of time creating new content. I give you some basic ideas and spit straight out

Andrew Ris

Andrew Ris


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