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Why Katteb Plus?


Katteb Plus is a revolutionary AI Writer that consistently learns. It checks facts before writing. It can write about any recent or future events. If you are looking for full-fresh, informative content and not just generalized ones, Katteb Plus is the one for you.


Katteb can localize content according to the location you choose. Our AI writer will specifically craft content that will fit the taste of your audience. For example, if you select the United States, the currency will be USD. But for India, prices will appear in Rupees.


Save your precious time by using Katteb Plus image-filled content on your website. Katteb can automatically add related images to your content, making it visually appealing. Now you don't have to browse a hundred pages and look for the perfect image for your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1How it works?

    Enter a Title Enter the title on which you want our AI to write. Katteb will find out the newest, fact-checked, authentic information regarding your topic from the web. Set Your Audience Select the audience demographic and language. Katteb will create tailor-made content especially suited for your audience. Publish-Ready Content Katteb will generate content within 60 seconds. You'll get original, error-free, image-filled content ready to be published on your website.

  • 2Can Katteb Plus Generate Long Form Articles?

    Katteb Plus Can Write Professional High-Quality Long-Form Articles For You Quickly generate 500+ words from Katteb Plus long Form Article Generator. It's Much easier than slicing an apple and serving it on a plate. Enter Your Title: Katteb Plus will look for topics to include in your article. Select your table of content from AI suggested ideas and get your long-form high-quality article! Edit Your Content: It will generate a full-length article with images. Want to change the images? Simply click on it and replace it with the perfect image from my gallery.

  • 3What is the difference between Katteb Plus and Rytr

    It's almost impossible to generate content for humans if you use one of the old AI writers tools out there. This is because these AI writers are built on Limited Capability AI. This means that they cannot check facts before writing content, they cannot cover the latest news or updates, and they definitely cannot write for a particular demographic or audience. That's why we launched Katteb Plus! A Fact-Checked, Real-Time Updated, Localized AI Writer that understands the interests of your audience, writes about facts, updates, trends, and even writes about upcoming events.